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accessories right on-line
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to your door.

We charge by the gallon, NOT the tank
size. If you get a flat price for a 20 lb. tank,
most likely you are being ripped off. You
can watch us fill the tank!
Your local dealer cares about the service you receive.
Your purchase is supports YOUR COMMUNITY.

You may think you're getting a great price from those
"internet dealers" but after a few trips back for warranty
work, those savings are lost. They often don't do a
walk thru with you Outdoor Escape, the walk
thru is a priority.

Please understand that an independent dealer is not
required to warranty a unit purchased elsewhere.
Independent dealers service what they sell...if you
choose to 'save money' by buying from an internet or
an out of area dealer, you are
choosing a relationship with that dealer instead of your
local dealer.

Keep your dollars local and help your
2091 S. Amherst Hwy., Amherst. VA  24521** 434-946-7846 **
We are a family owned & operated dealership located in Central
VA since 2003. We strive to meet your needs and not just sell you
a trailer for the sake of a sale.
Because we are a family business, sometimes our children's
schedules or sport activities cause us to alter our hours.
Please call ahead to check.

Our store is stocked with parts and accessories needed for your
RV and or your personal use while camping. If we don't stock it, we
can usually order it and have it for you within a day or two.
~ Where Customers Become Friends ~

Monday - Friday            9am-5pm
Sat                                 9am-2pm
Sun                                By appt.

We will close at 4pm on Tuesdays and
Thursdays from now until May 12th. High
School tennis is underway and while our
business is very important to us, our child
is a little more :)

Thank you for understanding and we
apologize for any inconvenience!!